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two names stroms in atalntic...possible thrid on the way - Hurricane Season 2006

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September 14th, 2006

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01:52 pm - two names stroms in atalntic...possible thrid on the way

"Major Hurricane Gordon (120 mph) is a powerful tropical cyclone in the central Atlantic far to the east-southeast of Bermuda. The hurricane is currently churning north-northeastward, but is expected to increasingly turn northeastward, passing well to the east of Bermuda and offering no threat to the U.S.

Tropical Storm Helene (45 mph) is steaming westward at a good clip 835 miles W of the southernmost Cape Verde Islands. The system is expected to take on a more west-northwesterly track in time, and should eventually reach hurricane intensity. Right now, Helene is forecast to remain in the open waters of the central Atlantic.

A diffuse tropical wave continues to produce showers from the eastern Caribbean to just east of the Lesser Antilles. More thunderstorms flare east of Helene as a new tropical disturbance moves off the African coast..."

maybe the hush hush quiet 2006 atlantic season is going to turn out to be not so hush hush?!
i've read conflicting opinions about it from weather experts. some say that we won't be having such a horrible season afterall. others are saying not to let our gaurd down, that the season is going to kick up and become very active mid-way through. perhaps they were right?

personally i thought that all the hype about this season turned out to be not so worrysome, but now i am begining to think differently. what do you think??

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Date:September 15th, 2006 02:28 am (UTC)
That's true, that's true. :)

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